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Based in Stockholm.

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Bc3 Blockchain Solutions is a consulting firm specialized in blockchain technology headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Our focus is to make sure your team understands the technology and its potential opportunities for your business and help you to create a blockchain strategy you can use today. We focus on finding a solution for businesses to approach commerce, trading, supply chain and identity management through transparency and security powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

We educate

From non-technical awareness to core development, our courses are all tailor-made to fit your business

We present

We offer inspirational and interesting presentations for your event on what blockchain is and how it could affect the future of your industry.

We research

Blockchain is still an early stage concept, we actively contribute to core research on scalability, security and economics

We advise

We help you analyze and understand how blockchains could affect your business and how you can leverage this technology. As well as give strategic advice on how to position your business.

We launched in 2017 as a means of reaching out to the public. We are passionate about the technology and therefore want to contribute and strengthen the bond and familiarize the blockchain market to the Swedish investors. 

The purpose of is to inform the new investors about cryptocurrencies in general but also give the tech savvy people a place to get more in depth information about companies. Our Telegram group acts as a meeting ground where likeminded people can share a common interest.

About us

We know that blockchain is something revolutionary and we want to bring it closer to the Swedish market to educate, inform and help people understand the technology and its benefits.

We know the benefits of the technology but also the challenges we face, therefore it’s important to start now and spread the knowledge before the technology is fully developed within a few years. is owned by two passionate techies with a broad competence in technology with senior experience in the IT industry and cybersecurity.

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We love to hang out with new people and discuss new ideas. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and lets see if we can help you out!